Well hello you. Still here as an area despite the lack of news lately. So, no meetings or full English or shows, so total rubbish year. Hot, dry and rubbish. My dog passed away 1 week into lockdown so I’ve thrown myself into faffing about in the garage. Dolomite cabin complete rewire and some nice discrete modifications, Spitfire again much electrical work, all wires under the bonnet completely hidden, trying a Lucas dizzy now there’s no rev counter cable, and much polishing. Was so hoping to show off at Leatherhead. Geoff and I all set to visit Gatwick, but great timing, will do asap. So, its meetings to sort out. I’m very confident that by the 28th & 29th July we’ll be back on track so provisionally that will be a date. Now I’ll check with Michele that the Castle is fine for the 29th, but there’s a cloud over the Woodman. With it losing cash at the best of times, and Green King selling it, there’s a good chance it will stay dark. If it’s open then that’s fine, but if the barriers down, plan B can be the White Hart in Sevenoaks. An old meeting place, just a one-off meet to discuss tactics. So, I do hope Duxford is on and possibly Edenbridge. Look out for details. All news and updates will be on our website ‘www.tssc-westkent.org’, and the Facebook site facebook.com/groups/tsscwestkent And of course, I do hope everyone is well and clear. Catch up soon