Not the way I was hoping the year would end, lost a father, but have gained a garage, so Dolly is tucked away for the winter. So Nov. Quiet meetings, 6 at each venue, but great company, and pleased to see Del and pick up all his news.  Just hope things pickup more this year. We did have some excellent breakfast meetings at the Woodman, there really taking off  and great to see Ruth and Erminio at both. They canít make weekdays right now with Ruth commuting to Scotland. I should think the Bodiam car park wonít be full now so weíll stick there for now, and find a better option in the spring. The Woodman, great place, that stays. Kenís TR4 is now done, thatís a full strip, new chassis and a complete rebuild, canít wait to see that. Massive headache, but now possibly the best TR4 in the world. Colinís Spitfire 1500 now has its heritage certificate so nice yearly saving. Did get my Spitfire out Christmas day down to my local, well had to be done, but thatís it for a while. This year Iím intending to arrange more club stands at shows. Already got Detling on the 6th April booked    A six car stand with more space than last year, so looking for 5 others to join me. Also this year will be the Bodiam and Bexhill 100 shows, but Iíll look out for more, any suggestion welcome. Jason from the breakfast club is intending to have some runs out. So meet at the Woodman, breakfast, run out to another pub for lunch, excellent idea. So meetings, itís the 29th 30th Jan, hope to see you all


Was somewhat surprised when Googling something irrelevant, to find this.
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Cant even remember when this was, but would have dressed a bit better had I known.