Well finally got meself together and got the report in on time. Not that thereís a lot of news really. Meetings have been mixed, Woodman September, just me and Colin, October 8 arrived. Bodiam is a regular number, great to see Vicky again, and a few cars to boot. The breakfast meetings are working well, and I did think of combining these with our meetings. There are a few members that canít make an evening but can make the 1st Sat and/or the 3rd Sun, so thatís instead of the last Tuesday. Something to think about during the damp dark winter months, and back to normal in the spring. Have booked an 8-car pitch for Detling on 4th April and history shows we can squeeze an extra car in if needed. Thereís no meeting in December So catch up in Jan. And we will sort out a new year meal at the Woodman to welcome in the new season.  So all I got left is a very belated photo from Bexhill and a great patriotic shot from Edenbridge I did promise.