News is Krystianís GT6 is back home all done with just the paint to do. Kenís TR4, the new chassis is ready, treated and powder coated. Now all that needs doing is swap everything over from the old to new, courtesy of a TR specialist, so not a DIY task. Meetings were good, Woodman saw 10 in total, 4 new faces. Phil was on valuation duty helping out David with his glorious green Vitesse. Most of us in moderns, bit damp out. The Woodman is bedding down nicely, apart from it being Ďout the wayí on these dark nights, it would be good to see more of the old faces, you are missed. Bodiam was manic, being Halloween, so packed and noisy. We decamp to a nice quiet restaurant, only for a laddish meal party to join us. There was the usual 5 of us with 2 absent, despite the cold slightly damp weather, Paul decided it was just the time to go caravanning in Norfolk. The pub has been an excellent venue this summer, but I do feel that the car park may be letting us down. Fine for now, but I will start looking around in case thereís a better option. Had a great breakfast meets at Botley, and Woodman, and the last Sunday lunch meet till April. Below taken at the last breakfast meet at the Woodman, showing John Passmoreís concourse Mk2 Spitfire, with a terrible Rimmers hood. Hopefully Vamped will sort that out. And we have another TR6 joining us. Stags were also well represented.
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Another new member joining us has a stunning Burlington type kit car based on a 13/60 donor. I was asked to pop over and give an opinion on a strange engine noise from a brand-new engine. Couldnít hear what he was on about until it stopped, one of those sounds, I wasnít much help resolving the issue, but as he lives opposite my local, Iíll keep in touch. So, no meetings in December, and were back as normal, 29th and 30th January, Happy Christmas, and letís make next year special.