Colin's Memories
1904 De Dion (me in red) 1958 (first car in 1968) 1970 (first triumph mk3 Spit)

Members Cars

Chris Tickner's concourse winning mk3

Alan's MK4

Andy's Toledo

Annie's Hurricane

Charles fully restored Sprint

Chris's Vittesse

Colin's Sprint

Colin Hues Spitfire

Colin's mk4

David's GT6

John's mint Sprint

Ken's GT6 (moved on)

and Ken's TR4

Dave's Bond

Del's Vittesse

Steve's Spitfire (moved on)

and Steve's Stag

Ruth's Vittesse (moved on)

and Ruth's GT6

Shaun's mk3 tucked away

Kevin's mk3 on hallowed ground

William's 1500

Paul's mk4

Colin, Sprint, Brands Hatch

Charles with full on racers. Goodwood.

John's 1500

Krystian's Herald and GT6